Letters of Regret

Part 3

By Yuki Wildstar



18th of May, 2225

EDF Headquarters

Office of Admiral Derek Wildstar




His assistant buzzed his phone and he picked up. “Yes Ensign, I’m in the middle of looking over some files.” He said into the phone.

“Sir, your 1100 is here.”

“Oh geeze I almost forgot, please send them in.” Wildstar began to clear his desk and stood up to meet his appointment. The door opened and he stood there shock to who walked into his office.

“Hello Derek, it’s been a long time. How have you been?” he stood there speechless. She was still beautiful a little mature looking but she look the same. “Well aren’t you going to ask me to have a seat?” She giggled at how he was acting.

Description: ya-9[1].jpg“Fiona, your, you’re my, um I didn’t know you would be,” he stumbled with his words.

She laughed at him and said. “Still the nervous type I see. Well aren’t you going to ask me to have a seat?”

“Oh sorry, yes please have a seat.” He waved over to his conference table.

“Relax Derek I am here on business, nothing more.”

“I am assuming that you are the new project manager for the shipping contractors. What happened to your job in Washington?”

“I thought it was something I wanted but it turned out to be it wasn’t for me.”

“How long have you been on Great Island?”

“A little over two years, I’ve heard a lot of what’s been going on in your life. I’m sorry that they try to court marshal you. I guess that is one of the reasons I left Washington. Too many of the politicians trying to make an unnecessary point. They don’t want to be the center of attention so they make up things to put it on someone else. I knew that they were trying to court marshal you way back. It’s because they were diverting the world from one particular senator’s love life. I’m sorry Derek I should have spoke up back then but I knew that you and Nova weren’t on the best of terms and I didn’t want to add to it.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s ancient history. Nov and I have moved on.”

“I know about your divorce too. You’re lucky you got a second chance with her. Or should I say a third chance. So can I ask what finally made her leave you that time?”

“I rather not think about it let alone talk about it. It was a really dark time in my life.”

“So how is Alex, is it?”

“He’s heading off to college would you believe.”

“Wow it has been that long. College? I am assuming he is going to EDF Officers College?”

“Yeah he is.” He smirked.

“I know you very proud. So I saw in the papers your other kids. Two more boys,”

“And a little girl.” He stood up and walked across the room and picked up a picture that sat on his desk. “This one here on the left is Mark. That’s DJ and this little princess is Miku.”

“She’s beautiful Derek. I see you in her. She must have you wrapped you around her finger.”

He smiled wide and nodded, “She sure does just like her mother.”

“Alex and DJ look just like you. Alex is very handsome. I’m sure that DJ will have the same looks. But he has a little extra spark in his eyes.”

Wildstar laugh at her remark. “If you only knew the trouble he has gotten himself into. So shall we talk shop now?” I should focus on work. She hasn’t change, she still is pretty he thought. They talk over budgeting and he’s suspicions to someone skimming off the budget.”Nova caught the code. I would have rack my brain trying to figure why we weren’t balancing out.”

“She sounds like a smart woman.”

Taking a deep breath he knew that this would not be good idea and told her, “She is. Fiona I think its best that I assigned someone else to you considering our past history its best that we don’t work together.”

“I can understand that. Anyway the last time I was here your wife made it known that I stay away from you. But the thing is that I am to report directly to you. So we are kind of stuck together. I tried to talk with your EDF council but that would have meant exposing our past together and then your headache will come back.”

“I see, well I was never one for orders from the council. You can report to Commander Tekada until further notice.” He said with a stern tone.

 “Not taking any chances I see.” She laughed. “I guess I have to understand, I mean when we broke it off there was still something that weren’t settled.”

“There was nothing to break off. There was no us, Fiona.” He rolled his eyes.

She walked over to him and sat directly in front of him. “Afraid those old feelings will come back?” she said tracing his face with her finger.

“Don’t touch me. What happened between us was nothing. So don’t think that you are going to waltz back into my life. And don’t think that I will keep this from my wife. I learn that telling her right away is best. No surprises for her. I’m not going to let her find out from anyone but me. Now my assistant will give you Commander Tekada room number and I have work to finish. It was nice seeing you again and I wish you luck in your new assignment.” He got up and walked over to the door. Opening it he waved her out the door.


“It’s Admiral so please address me as such.” He watched as she walked out the door and he took a long sigh. “Shit out of all people on this planet she has to come back here. Well there’s no working around this one. Ensign Sieji, please give Ms. Hernandez Commander Tekada room number and please try to get a hold of my wife. Thank you.” He sat back in his chair and looked at his hands that shook uncontrollably. How am I going to tell Nova about her being here again? I have to tell her there’s no way around it. If she hears it from someone else it will set us back. He reached for the intercom and spoke into it. “Seiji have you reach my wife yet?”

“No sir, but I’ll keep trying.”

“Thank you.”




Office of Doctor L Wong M.D.


Description: 0[1].jpgNova sat in the waiting room ready to be called. Miku insisted that she go with her to make sure the doctor was going to tell her she would be okay. “Miku sweetie, stop fidgeting. We should be called soon enough.” She told her daughter.

“Mrs. Wildstar the doctor will see you now.” The nurse standing at the door called. “This way please.” She said then escorted her to a room. “So who is this pretty girl?”

“This is Miku, she insisted on coming with me even though she could be in school.” She laughed. “But I’m glad she came with me to hold my hand.”

“Well that is a good girl. The doctor will be with you shortly. He made extra time for you so he doesn’t rush through anything.” She place her chart on the door and left to fetch the next patient. Nova looked around the room and showed Miku some charts of skeletons and muscle. “This is the human skull, and this is the bones that connect the skull to the shoulder. Do you want to read the names of all of them?” she held her in her arms pointing to the chart. She began to show her the names when she heard the door opened behind her. Turning, she was stun to see him standing there. “Michael.”

“Hello Nova, how have you been?” He smiled as he walked into the room.

“I didn’t know you were back in town.” She gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. “My gosh, it’s been so long. How are you?”

“Doing great. Wow is this Miku?” he looked at her daughter and knelt down in front of her. “You are so pretty. Last time I saw you, you were about a year or two. My you’re getting so big. How old are you now, 10, 12?” he smiled at her.

“No I’m 5 years old!” she laughed with him.

“Hello Miku you don’t remember me but I’m Uncle Michael. Your mother and I have known each other for a long time.” He looked up to Nova and took a deep breath. Seeing her on his schedule made his heart beat faster. As always she took his breath away. She was still beautiful. “Well Mrs. Wildstar let’s take a look at that hand of yours. How does it feel so far?”

“A lot better. I’m able to hold heavier things and I can actually move it without any pain.”

“Yeah, you know how a hair line fracture works. Feeling great one day, and hurts like hell the next. But looks like you’ve taken really good care of it. I think we can remove the brace but keep it around just in case. Anything I should know. No shooting pain up your arm, no swelling?”

“Nope, doing great.” She said.

“Wow I still can’t believe you’re here. So how has life been treating you? How are the boys? Alex should be heading to college soon if I remember correctly.”

“He goes in the fall. Can you just imagine? It seems like yesterday that he was Miku’s age and here he is heading to college. I feel so old.”

“Well for an older board you look smoking hot.” He said making her blush. “Don’t you think your mom is beautiful Miku.” She giggled at him and hid behind her mother. “Well looks like this is it. I don’t think you need to come back for anything more.” He looked into her eyes and his heart beat faster. “What are you doing a little later? My last patient is here and was thinking lunch. Catch up on things. So are you free for lunch?” he asked her.

“Yeah, sure. Where should I wait?”

“Just hang out here and I’ll be with you in a minute.”  He said then left to deal with his last patient. Nova stood in the room thinking. Is this a good idea, what would Derek say. Well I don’t think it would hurt to just have lunch and Miku is with me. He popped his head in the door and told her he was done. They walked down the street to a small café and ordered lunch. “It really is good to see you. How are things on the home front?”

“We’re doing well. Derek is back at EDF since we got back from Gamilon. Now we are preparing for Alex’s graduation.”

“I heard about what happen out in space. Sorry that you had to go through all that. But the important thing is that Miku is safe and home with you. I’m sure it was stressful for Derek, I mean running a ship and going through all that wasn’t the best thing he wanted.”

“It all worked out in the end. Miku is home and we are working out everything. So tell me how have you been. You left EDF finally. So you’re partnering with Doctor Wong. How is that working out for you?”

“I like it. EDF became too much of a political thing. I like the freedom of doing my own thing. I got tired of being told where to go. This way I can do what I really love. I spent most of my time over in old world countries and low income areas. But when I’m not I’m here or in San Diego. Wong and I went to college together and he asked for me to go into practice with him. I figure why not. He mostly does all the work and I fill in when I can here or at the hospital. Working overseas is so much more rewarding then here but I love working with under privilege people. I mean after the wars I found myself thinking what more can I do to help my planet. It’s rewarding to see a child that doesn’t have much but if their healthy then I know they can become someone. When I went to South America it was an experience that changed my life. You broke my heart when you call that day. But I managed to put my heart into something else. That’s when I met her.”

“Met who?” Nova asked.

Description: vlcsnap-2012-01-15-14h14m58s229.png“My fiancée, Nicole. She’s a great girl. You would love her. She’s a doctor also.”

“That’s great! I would love to meet her.”

“She’s out of town right now. She’s over in the Congo working with the people there. She’ll be home in a couple of weeks. We can set up a date then for you two to meet.”

“Do you have a picture of her?” Nova asked.

“I do, hold on.” He pulled his wallet out and searched for a picture. Handing it to her, “Here she is with me in the field.”

Nova looked at the picture and smile. “She’s beautiful Michael.” Miku took the picture from her mother and stared at it.

“She looks like you mommy.”

“No she doesn’t, she looks like herself. Just like you look like you.” She quickly said. She handed the picture back and looked away. There was a resemblance of her but she didn’t want to say anything. “She’s very pretty. I’m happy that you are finally settling down. For a while there I thought you would die an old bachelor.”

“I almost did when you turned me down. I loved you Nova, I never stopped thinking about how life would have been between us. Then I found Nicole she helped me through the rough spots and I fell in love with her. But I still think about you Nova.” He said as he reached across the table and held her hand.  “You will always hold a special place in my heart. I only wished that things had worked out. If Miku was my child I think it would have been different.” He looked over to Miku and smiled. She returned his smile with the same look. Nova heart almost stopped to see the similarities between him and her daughter. He looked at his watch and said. “I didn’t realize how fast the time went I’m sure you need to get home for the boys. Here is my number call me and we can set a date for you two to meet. I would love you to meet her.” He stood up and helped Nova to her feet and then knelt down to Miku. “And I would love to see you again too, Ms. Miku. It was great to see you again.” He kissed her partially on the lips and cheeks.

Miku pulled at her mother’s hand and said. “Mommy can we bring Uncle Michael home for dinner?”

“Well I think Uncle Michael is pretty busy but we will have him over soon. It’s good to see you too Michael.” She said and they left their separate ways. Nova and Miku walked to her car and she drove back to the house. Nova started dinner and little by little the men in her life walked through the door. Alex walked into the kitchen and she asked how his day was.

“It was good. So you saw Uncle Michael today?” he said nonchalant way.

“How did you know that?”

“Miku told me.” He said but didn’t tell her that he told her not to mention it to their father.

“Yes we had lunch together.” Nova said over her shoulder.

Description: vlcsnap-2011-12-27-19h55m50s86.png“Do you think that was such a great idea, considering how dad feels about him?”

“I’m sorry I didn’t think I had to converse with you before making lunch dates.” She said annoyed with her son.

“Mom it’s just that you and Dad have been getting along so far why rock the boat now.” The last thing he wanted was them fighting again.

Giving him a hard stare she told him, “Listen I’m not hiding anything from your father. Now get ready for dinner.” She snapped at him.



They sat down to dinner and talked about their day. Derek wanted to talk with Nova but it was best to wait until the kids were sleeping. DJ went on about his turn at the academy. “I can’t wait until I get behind a fighter. I’m ready to knock your name off that plaque Alex.”

“Dream on pee head. You would have to pass all your grades before they even let you behind a fighter.”

“Dad when can you take me to Miramar?”

“Whoa slow down there. You have to earn that right. Let’s see how your first year goes then we’ll talk about Miramar. In the mean time Alex how’s your speech going?”

“It’s going, I just don’t know what to say. I tried every angle and it just doesn’t seem right.”

“You have a little more time. You’ll come up with something.” His father told him. “By the way, about that scholarship.”

“Come on Dad I made up my mind and I think someone more less fortunate could use it. Anyway grandpa said he will flip the bill.”

“WHAT! The hell he will. I don’t need your grandfather’s money to send my kid to college. I can pay for your college. I’m not as poor as you think I am. Your mother made sure to that.” He smiled towards his wife. “And its bad enough he is already springing for your car. I just wanted to know who got the scholarship?”

“David West, his parents aren’t as well off. His father lost his job a few month back and his mother is really ill. They let him stay because it was good PR for the school. Not to mention his father served on the trip to Iscandar. But College is another thing, their going through their savings because of his mother illness. How would it look if I get a scholarship when both my parents work and have money? Not to mention Grandpa’s money. I just didn’t feel right taking the scholarship.”

Wildstar sat back in his chair feeling proud of his oldest son. He has his mother’s heart that’s for sure. “You're going to make a great commander Alex.”

“I just don’t need the headache of people judging me on who I am and my parents are.” He shrugged it off.

They all helped in cleaning up and settle into their rooms for homework while Nova and Derek took a walk on the beach. “He’s a great kid Nov, you did a really good job with him.”

“Well you had some help in raising him too.” She told him.

“Yeah but most of it is from you. I am barely home and when I am home I feel like I’m the bad guy. You’re the one that should take credit for them.”

“I’m their mother, that’s my job. Although I can’t take blame for DJ. Sometimes he just pushes my buttons. What is wrong with that child? All he wants to do is fly. One thing for sure if he doesn’t get his grades up he is not going to make it at the academy.”

“Hmm, I’ll just have to give him a pep talk. If he wants to fly with me in Miramar he’s going to have to bring up his grades.”

“It’s getting late we should get back. Miku had a long day.”

“That’s right how was your appointment? Everything alright?”

“I’m cleared but there is a possibilities that it will come and go. But I’m fine.” She thought of telling him about Michael but decided to wait until the kids were sleeping.

“That’s good. Now no more getting in the middle of patients and their family drama. I don’t want to get a call stating that you were really hurt while at work.” He held her in his arm and kissed her on the lips. “Let’s get back I still have to tuck Miku in.”



“Daddy can you read me another story?” his daughter asked for the third time.

“Miku baby, you have to go to bed, it’s late.” Derek moved the blanket around her and tucked the blanket around her. “Now off to sleep.” He leaned down and gave her a big hug.

“You smell just like Uncle Michael.” She said into his ear.

He pulled away and stared at his daughter not sure if he heard her right. “Uncle Michael?” she had to be wrong he has been out of their lives since they got back together. “Oh, so did you meet Uncle Michael on the way home?” he asked.

“No he was mommy’s doctor. He took us to lunch after he finished work. It was fun, it was like a tea party with you and mom.”

“Okay sweet heart time to go to bed. I love you.” He kissed her on the top of her head and made his way to his room. Why didn’t she tell me about seeing him again? Lunch with Michael, hmmm? He took a deep breath and walked into their room. She sat on their bed already in PJ’s. “So how was your day after the doctors?” Derek asked her to see if she would tell him.

“It was alright. Miku and I had lunch and then came home.” She told him and flipped through a magazine.

“I see, no shopping? I know how you like to shop when you’re in town.” He said trying to get her to tell him about having lunch.

“Nope, no shopping.”

He crawled into bed and fluffed his pillows. Why lie to me, Nova. He thought. He settled in still feeling mad at her answers. “You know I could use some help on this coding thing.”

“I don’t think so Derek. You know how I feel about going back there. If you want to bring it home I can help you here.” She told him.

She never stepped back into the building since that day. When he asked her about it she told him that she felt embarrassed to go back there after what happen last time. She was tired of the snickering and people talking behind her back. She was happier at the hospital. Her days went quickly there and she never had time to gossip about anything or anyone. Once her day was over it was over. He sat next to her and stared out into space. “You know I was trying to call you all day today.”

“I’m sorry I left my phone at home. Was it important?”

He thought about it and decided its best not to tell her. If she wasn’t going to tell him about Michael then why should he share Fiona with her. “No nothing important, I was just thinking about having lunch with you. It would have been nice to see you and Miku today for lunch.”

“Sorry it would have been nice to have lunch with you too.” She told him. She reached over to him and ran her finger down his face onto his chest. “I missed you today.” She whispered into his ear.

“You know babe, I’m really tired. I have to get up pretty early tomorrow and meet with the manger director of the contractors.” She felt herself disappointed to his reaction. Taking her hand in his he kissed it and then turned away from her. “Goodnight Nova I love you.” Nova sat there looking at him, she wondered what happen between them coming back into the house and going to bed.





15th of June, 2225

EDF High School Academy

Graduation day of Alexander Wildstar


He walked up to the podium and cleared his throat. He saw all the family members in the audience as well as his classmates. In the distance he could see many of the original Star Force members and the leaders of both Gamilon and Bolar. The academy made sure that the press was there to see all the infamous officers as well as both leaders and they’re families. He shook slightly and searched the audience for them. In the front roll of family they sat. His mother sat in the middle and to her right sat Miku and Annie. His brothers sat to her left and his father sat behind him on the stage. He looked past the others and focused on her. He could feel her stare back and she blew him a kiss. Annie moved her lips and he could read them from where he stood. ‘I love you, you’re going to do great.’ He looked down at his papers and began his speech. “Ladies and gentleman and my fellow classmates, I racked my brain as to what I was going to say here today. My parents told me to write something from my heart.  I like to give a great speech that all will remember but many of you all know that’s not me. Our time here was short but fun and so many of us will be moving on to newer adventures. All my life all I ever wanted was to be like my father, an officer, a pilot and some day the commander and captain of his famous ship The Argo. Today is a step closer to that dream. What I will always remember here are the good friends I have made and the future officers that I hope to work with and grow with. I learn a lot here from my fellow classmates and teachers. But most of all I learned a lot from my father and mother. They guided me in trying to become a good officer. You see my father happens to be Admiral Derek Wildstar and my mother is Nova Forrester Wildstar. But there is one Wildstar some do not know about, my Uncle Alexander.Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-15-23h15m34s149.png My father told me of how he fought in battle survived and returned home. When my dad talked about him I can see the admiration in his eyes. I can tell my uncle was a great man. How my dad and other star force members talk about him. How he sacrificed his life so others could carry on to save Earth. I only image if he lived how great of a leader he would have been. I wish I had the honor of meeting him. I know that my uncle Alex is looking down on us and proud how my father and mothers life turned out. I am honor to have his name. I only hope that I can live up to his name. As I come closer to my dream I have a lot to live up to. I remember asking my dad one day why do people treat you so well? I have never heard anyone talk bad about him or her and when they spoke about them it was always with respect in their voices. My father looked at me and shrugged my question off and just simply told me, ‘Alex I don’t like when people treat me like an idiot so I treat them with the same respect that I want them to treat me with. I never act like I know everything and always listen to each and every one of my crew to their opinions. If you ever want to be a good officer take that to heart.’ Though my mother told me he wasn’t the man we all see now. He was once hotheaded and argued with many as well as his best friend.” He said making everyone laugh and his father squirm in his chair while his mother laughed from the distances. “Sorry Dad.” He smiled.

“Our time has come to move on to our calling. I look forward to following the footsteps of my parents and hope that I am as half the officer that my father and mother are. With the support and love of my parents I know that I will succeed. We may think that it is us that will change the world, but I will always know it was all our parents that has kept us free and loving our beautiful green planet. Thank you Mom, Dad and all those that served on the Star Force.” He finished his speech and everyone stood up to applaud him. He blushed as they cheered him and his father walked to him and patted him on the back.

“Not bad son. I’m very proud of you. Now if you just step aside, let your old man take a crack at this.”

“Are you sure dad, looks like a tough crowed.”

“Don’t worry I have a secret weapon. Stand aside young man.” He gave him a push and tapped on the microphone. “Thank you Cadet Captain Wildstar. Now I would like to introduce you to my wife Nova Forrester Wildstar.” He waved over to her standing on stage with a microphone in hand.

She walked closer to the center of the stage and nodded to someone. “Alex I am so very proud of you and every one of you sitting out there. If you remember one thing remember this one moment in time.” She said into the microphone and began to sing. “Each day I live I want to be. A day to give the best of me. I’m only one, but not alone. My finest day is yet unknown. I broke my heart for every gain, to taste the sweet I face the pain. I rise and fall yet through it all this much remains. I want one moment in time When I’m more then I could be. When all of my dreams are heartbeat away and the answers are all up to me ….” She sang hitting every note as would have the original artist Whitney Houston. She hit the last note and the crowd went crazy with applause. She walked over to her son and hugged him tight. “I love you Alex.”

Blushing he gave her a quick hug back and then stood straight. “Mom please, people are really watching.”

“Oh shut up, I’m your mother. Be grateful that I’m not crying.” She pulled him closer again and hugged him tighter.

The graduation ceremony was full of many speakers including his father. They all met in front of the stage. Annie ran into his arms and kissed him hard on the lips. “I’m so proud of you!” she squeezed him tight.

Swinging her around he was happy that she was present for his big day. “Thank you for being here. Next it’s your turn.”

“But my graduation isn’t going to be a glamorous as this one. Come on Alex you have your mother and father here. Not to mention everyone from the star force. I’m surprise that the leaders of Gamilon and Bolar aren’t here.”

“As a matter of fact they are here.” He said pointing over to where they were standing. Deslock stop next to his father and Sandor talking, while Devina chatted with his mother and his Titi Yvey. Namir and Denise walked towards them and shook his hand. “Thank you Uncle Namir, Aunt Julie for coming. It really made my day.”

“You were just wonderful up there.” Julie said. “You look so much like your dad at this age. He sure made girls heads turn when he came into the room.” She made him blush and they laughed at him. “And just like your dad you embarrass very easily. Congratulations, and this must be Annie. My your very pretty. Will there be any wedding bells in the future soon.” She teased making them both blush.

“No, no Annie is going to Harvard to become a lawyer and I’m heading to Officers College!” he said rapidly making everyone laugh.

“It’s okay son,” his father patted him on the back. “She’s just kidding around with you. We are not pressuring you or her into marriage.”

Julie ruffled his hair and laugh, “your dad’s right I’m just kidding. You should have seen your face. You look like you were facing a firing squad. What’s wrong your gun shy from marrying this pretty girl.”

“Uh NO! It’s just,” he fumbled with his words.

Description: vlcsnap-2011-10-15-23h14m52s235.pngThey laughed hard to his embarrassment. “Come on Wildstar you really can’t take a joke.” Julie tried hard to compose herself. Taking a deep breath she looked at him, “Seriously, aren’t you going to make an honest woman out of her?” He looked at her in shock and tried to find his words. Julie looked over to his father and mother and they all roar in laughter. “Kidding! I’m kidding! Relax, geese for a minute there I thought you would turn all the colors of the rainbow. I am so proud of you. Saku sends his apologies he couldn’t get here on time. But he said he will see you soon.”

Damir and Dillan stood next to him and couldn’t stop laughing. “Do all Earth people turn that shade of color?”

“Come on guys enough already.” Alex whined. “Anyway I want you to meet Annie. Annie this is Damir and Dillan of Gamilon. Where is Aurora?” he asked.

“She didn’t come, sorry but you broke her heart when she found out that you had a girlfriend.” Dillan said, then took Annie hand and kissed it. “It is a pleasure. She is quite stunning Alex. How about you dump this loser and hook up with one of the future leaders of Gamilon. With me you can have anything your heart desires.”

Slapping his hand Alex could feel the jealously start to build up. “Lay off Dillan, you don’t want to start an inter-galactic war.”

“Wars have always been started because of a beautiful woman. This will be no exception.” He grinned.

“Name the place and time we can settle this without bringing war to our planets.” Alex laughed.

“I will have to confer with my father first.” He sarcastically replied. “Any way it is good to meet you Annie. Looks like Alex did well for himself. She is just stunning Alex does she have a sister?”

“Sorry no. It’s just her.”

“Annie, I hear your turn is in two days?” Deslock spoke to her.

“Yes sir, and Alex is going to be in the front row.” She said looking deep into his eyes.

“Devina my love, you know we have always attended so many military ceremonies and since we will be here for a few more days’ maybe we can attend yours Annie.”

Description: d7cda328bd84293474bae104f9a6ddc974b644c1[1].jpg“Oh my gosh REALLY!” she shouted with glee as she jumped up and down. “That would be awesome, thank you.”

“My parents are coming too.” Alex told her. “They wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He pulled her closer to him and gently kissed her lips. Nuzzling his nose on hers he smiled at her. He whispered low enough for her to hear. “I have the keys to the guest house. I take it over starting tonight.”

“But I thought your mother said not until the summer was over.”

“We have my dad on our side. So she gave in and now I have the key.”

“What are you two talking about?” DJ asked.

“None of your business, now get lost.” Alex snapped.

“Alright everyone back to the house for the graduation party.” Nova announced.



27th of June, 2225

Residence of the Wildstar’s



Alex finished moving into the guest house by the end of the week. Nova helped him settle into the guest house with tears in her eyes. “Mom, I’m only in the back yard.” He gave her a hug. “I’ll probably be in the main house more than here. After all I have to eat.” He grinned making her laugh. “Thanks for all your help Mom. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“I can help you straighten up.”

“Ah no, no Mom. I’ll deal with all that in the morning. I just want to rest. I guess all the parties from graduating and then moving in took a toll on me. I’m going straight to bed. I love you, night.” He said walking out the back doors and heading to the guest house.

Nova walked into their room and began to turn down the bed. The nights were getting warmer and she opened their French doors to let the ocean breeze come in. She sat on the bed feeling the sheets. They were cool and soft to her touch. She watched as he walked around the room putting his things away then enter his closet. She took a deep breath and said. “I can’t believe that he is out of high school. Next thing we know it will be Mark and DJ.” She wiped a tear from her face and sat down on their bed.

Derek wondered why she became quiet and he walked back into the room from his closet. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m sorry. He’s all grown up.”  

He sat down next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “You still have Mark and DJ and don’t forget Miku. They’re going to be here for a long time. Anyway he’s in the guest house and will be there for another 4 more years. So cheer up.” He rubbed her shoulder and gave her a squeeze. “You still have me.” He smiled.

She couldn’t help but laugh at him and wiped the tears from her eyes. Her face turned serious and cleared her throat. “Derek is everything alright between us?”

“Of course we are, why do you ask that?”

Description: yukikodai36[1].jpg“Well, it’s been so long since we made love and when I touch you, you seem not interested. Is it something I did?” She couldn’t remember when the last time he was intimate with her. Since that night he seemed distant. They talk about work and their kids, but at night she felt him chilly to her touch. Every night he would tell her that he was beat and needed sleep. The two times they made love were after an argument on him working late after he promised their daughter that he would be home to tuck her in.

How can he tell her that he knew about her lunch with Michael all this time? He buried himself into his work so as not to think about her lies. It helped that Fiona was a distraction. He agreed to work with her with the ships paper work. Each day she would appear in his office before lunch and they would talk over work and his life. She made him laugh at the things she witnessed in Washington and he told her about the silly things the kids did. Nova tried to talk to him about why he was a little distant and he would change the subject. “No baby, there nothing you did wrong. I’ve been so busy at work and by the time I get home and then the kids I am pretty beat. I never meant for you to feel neglected.” He told her. He moved in closer and touched her lips. How soft they were. He moved her chin up and kissed her softly. She felt her body tingle from his kiss and she lean closer to kiss him back. “I’m sorry baby.” He whispered softly.

“Derek, why don’t we have lunch tomorrow? Miku will be in school and I’m off so maybe I can come to the office and we can go somewhere for lunch. I know I told you that I never want to step foot back in that building again but I think lunch won’t hurt.”

His body stiffened and his mind race. “I wish I could baby, but I have meetings all day. You know it’s been a long day and I’m pretty beat. We should get some rest.” He crawled into bed leaving Nova sitting there dumb founded and wondering what happen again for him to walk away from her. “I love you good night.”

She crawled in next to him and turned away. A tear ran down her face wondering why things change. I thought we were starting to do great and I can’t understand what happen, she thought. What could have happen for him to change just like that? Her night was restless. It was past 3 when she finally drifted off to sleep. Derek got up early and dressed for work. He looked over to her on the bed and sigh. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and went to the kitchen to get some coffee. Quietly he made himself a cup and sat down and drank it down. Ready to leave he heard his oldest son walk into the kitchen. “Alex are you just getting in?”

“Um no not really.”

“Is Annie in the guest house?” he asked with suspicion.

“Um, well,”

“Never mind, just make sure you two are careful. What do you need?” his father went on.

“I didn’t have enough time to fill up the Frig. I was just getting some things to eat.”

“Hmm, make sure that you leave the milk.” He reached into his packet and pulled out some money. “Here get some food in there.”

“Dad, I got it. I just haven’t had time to run to the store. Thanks but grandpa beat you to it.”

“So giving you a car isn’t enough.”

“Come on Dad is not like he gave me my part of my inheritance.” He told his father. He knew his father had too much pride to let his grandfather pay for his college. It was bad enough that his grandfather bought his car. But to pay his college was something his father refused for him to do. “And you know that he only gave me enough to last the year. Just spending money not college tuition.” He assured him. “But thanks, I should get back. Going to work early?”

“Yeah, I have a lot of work to catch up on. Don’t worry I promise not to say anything to your mother. I know how she worries about you and Annie. Just be careful. See you tonight.”




To be continued . . . . . . .


The secrets now start, will things escalate to the point where their marriage cannot survive? A surprise comes their way and the rollercoaster begins. Read on to see what happens next.